There are several spell-binding and entrancing waterfalls in the vicinity of the resort.

  • BEAR SHOLA FALLS is just 1.6 KMs from the lake and is the source of the Parappar rivulet.  The name reminds us of its past when it was a favorite drinking hole of bears. There is a concreted short trek path into the deeper forest.
  • FAIRY FALLS is the source of the Pambar river which cascades down to join with the Vaigai River lower down. The overflow of he Township Reservoir forms the main falls with three or four smaller cascades down the stream.  It is just 5 KMs from the lake and  is also known as the Pambar Falls or the Grand Cascade.
  • SILVER CASCADE is the overflow of the Kodaikanal lake at a distance of 8 KMs from the lake site. Perennially gushing down to give the tourist a refreshing bath, it is 180 feet in hight.
  • THALAIYAR FALLS is 15 KMs from the lake and falls down from a height of 300 Meters to form the highest falls in the area. It is also known as the ‘Rat Tail Falls’ and can be seen as a silver line from a great distance.